Spring/Summer '15

Knowing sartorial rules but breaking them well, for spring/summer 15 a functional flamboyance predominates as tuxedo lapels are worn with T-shirts, suit sleeves are buttonless and rolled-up and trainers are consistently snazzy

Longer length in suit jackets lends a hint of nostalgia and they are teamed with wide-leg trousers, sometimes piped with colourful stripes and often zipped at the ankle.

Opulence with a feeling of practicality prevails; a dusty pink T-shirt in soft leather is completed with side zips, silk shorts are voluminous and couture weight satins are panelled alongside raw linens. This is extravagance that’s made for a man on the move.

Deep hues of teal, navy and dark grey are offset by bursts of peach and leafy greens, with the colours occasionally gradating down shirting to create a tiedye effect. Bright botanical illustrations and rainbow stripes take us back to nature. Paisley in pop colours are also prime and a typographical print shouts ‘YEAH’ with the colourful optimism that runs deep in the Paul Smith DNA.

Print and palette carries through from clothing to shoes and accessories. Finger-printed totes and versatile satin and leather holdalls deliver more of the practical extravagance that’s prominent in the ready-to-wear. Whilst colourful silk scarves, fringed in leather have a luxurious louche appeal. Shoes are sneaker-style, playful and sometimes hand-stitched with ladybirds and vibrant sunglasses gaze towards a bright spring/summer 15.